Thursday, 20 August 2015

Understanding Love

He says that he loves her and She says that she loves him. In this mysterious life we love each others.
But one question arises,
What is Love?
Love is not that can be seen through someone or something, but has to be felt. 
People say that when fallen in love, the world seems different and lovable. But is that the only thing you feel. Are we such inhuman that we feel just one aspect of the wonders behind it.
Some say that there is nothing called love. Even they are right, because the term by which we define love is not what it means, it is just that we replaced the actual meaning of affection to love.
We say that Love can make wonders, A love of Ruler made him to build Taj Mahal for her dead lover that took 22 years and for the other took 22 years to break a mountain alone. 
In actual love is just not doing wonders for other but to make yourself just for other. Because once you are completely for the one you love, the next that comes ahead, is care, responsibility and all that is required to preserve it. 
Once you are in for other, that there would be nothing to go out for. Because all you get is within the circle of life.

For the readers, try to be for each other. It is not required you call or text your lover everytime. But it is also not that if the person understands you, it wouldn't be necessary you don't give a small time of yours. Because all matters is a pinch of time for each other.

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