Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dilemma of Life

The world has never been easy. It has sometimes been good and bad. The life we seek is always a choice. It is the choice we decide. The never ending choices are the things that make you what you are and how you are. 
The life shows you good people and bad people. They show you Love and hatred. But that is not what makes you different, but that is what makes you human. That is what shows you the right. Because everyone who is bad on you, is not the person who hates you and the person who is good, not the one who loves you.
But that never makes you to stop loving, because however ruthless the world be, it is the place you learn,  you get what you want and also get what you don't want. 
The Day would start simple, but if u wouldn't try to begin it. You may be the one who would be thinking to release it from the wits of your hands to the one who never desired. 
Life always makes it simple, because it is on you to hold or let it go. And sometime letting things go is better, as it wouldn't be worth to keep it holding.
The life always taught us. And will always be teaching us. But at the end of everyday it will always say,
"A Day Has Passed, And Did You Get What You Want".
And you would be the one trying to sleep and thinking if it was the thing you wanted.

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Thank You

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