Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Perfect Match

I was driving my Cab on the streets of Madrid. It was 7:30 in the evening. I picked up a couple at Bernabeau. They were suppose to travel to Plaza Mayor, Pozuelo which was half an hour from there.
As they got in, something just caught my eye which was pretty shocking for me compared to other couple. They were at the stadium to watch the match of the century. It was the El Classico. And being a couple we would expect them to cheer for the same club. But they weren't.
The Guy was the fan of Real Madrid and the girl Barcelona. As it seemed the girl was pretty upset. To make up an ambience in the cab, this is how the conversation started...

Boy to me: Bro, do you know the status of todays match.
Me: Sorry sir, I am not the one to be interested in soccer.
Boy: Why did you call it Soccer. Are you from The United States.
Me: Yes Sir, I am student in European University of Madrid and work part timer as a cab driver.
Boy: That's really impressive of you. But i would say that Never call it soccer. It's Football.
Me: Sure Sir, I will keep that in mind. Sir, you were saying of todays match. What could have been the result of it.
Boy: As always Real Madrid never goes down.
Girl interfering...
Girl: It was just that Messi was on bench and Marcelo injured Neymar. It wasn't a fair match.
Boy: Whatever happens the result shows it all.
Girl: You would always say the same if Real Madrid wins and if loses you would give some shitty reason saying that the referee was being partial to Barca.
Boy: That is what always happen. (Signalling to me) Listen Bro, what would you think if it is a clear offside and the team scores a goal. The offside is neglected and the goal is offered. Is it fair.
Me: Sir, I am not well known of Socc.. Sorry Football. But by your say it seems really unfair.
Girl: It's all referee to decide it is right or wrong. Who are you to tell.
Boy: That is what i said, they never decide right.
Girl: Ya.. Ya.. Ya..
Boy: You always do the same when I try to say something right.
Girl: Baby.. What did we promise on. We would never fight for our teams after the match. We would just enjoy the glory of the victorious .
Boy: Who just started the fight.
Girl to me: Excuse me, By when will we reach.
Me: Your destination is just in the next block.
Boy: The time just flew up, just as Cristiano kicks the ball. Swiftly.
Girl: Ya. Ya. But he is a solo player.
Boy: Now dont start again.
Me: Sir we have reached and your total is €25.
Boy: Here take it and keep the change.

After they got down. It just felt that the trauma of enjoyment and love, just got of the cab. And I realised let it be Yankees or Rangers (Baseball teams) .
If you have the perfect match. It is always going to be awesome.

Hope you like my story. I hope that you share till it goes viral.

Thank you

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