Friday, 21 August 2015

The Mental Faces

एेसे उजले लोग मिले जो अंदर से बेहद काले थे,
एेसे चतूर मिले जो मन से सहज, सरल भोले-भाले थे।

Above line says that,
There were people who seemed superficially sane, but had darker heart within;
Also there were people who seemed clever and sharp minded , but within were simple, kind and innocent.

In the same way, what we see is not what it is, and what we don't see is not necessary that it is not there at all.
The world shows us all, we feel that we know the person sitting beside us, but is he the person we know within.
The life always teaches us at every instance. And when it comes to the person who has been there from the beginning, can only be judged when we are in need, during our problems.
For the person who knows you well, is not necessary you have to tell him if anything is troubling you. He is the one who will get everything with just a silence of yours.
When it comes to us, we always see that anything doesn't come to us or our family, let it be right or wrong. It would never matter. 
But there are how many of us, who think that the well being of both side, rather just ourself. This is how we know, how the response is going to be on us.
Till we don't start thinking for others, no one is going to think for us.

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