Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Minds Competency

Nowadays wherever you go, we see that children have started to prepare for the competency from the very start of their childhood. They are made to focus in such, that they leave all there enjoyment behind, to pursue what parents want.
Preparing for the future is not worthless, but what is the use of it, without your childhood memories. 
A child of 7th grade is made to study the syllabus of 9th grade. Is the focus of future so necessary that the syllabus made to compact for 7th grader is too low that he also has to go for 9th.
We see the generation is changing, they are becoming smart, fast and competitive.
But rather all competitiveness, it is great that we make children to enjoy there childhood.
Children should be made to see the world with there own eye, not with the eye of the books. Because books make you know about everything, without feeling the changes, we don't learn things.
Let us remember, in early ages without the knowledge of aircraft and spacecraft, we built it to glory. Who were they who made all that happen? Were they the most competitive person in history? Were they the one who studied day and night during there childhood to make something like this come true? 
They were just children who dreamt, the dream for change. They didn't dream to become the no. 1, they were made the no. 1 as they seeked there dream. 
Seeking your dream doesn't always make you no. 1, but it keeps you happy. Because you just have one life, enjoy it by doing what you love. That's what all matter.
Life gives you a choice, both may be good, but ones just try tossing a coin for what is there ahead because result wouldn't matter, but what you seeked the result to be matters.

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