Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Catch of Reality

It felt I slept a night before; and when I woke up, things seemed different. I was on a bed, it seemed like a hospital. I tried looking everywhere, but cudn't make things up in my mind. The Nurse saw me and shouted for the Doctor. I was confused. Then the doctor came in, checked me thoroughly I asked him, but he didn't say a word. Then an elderly doctor came and what he said shocked me. He said that i had been sleeping for 50 years and hospital had been inspecting my vitals since then. I asked him that if I had anyone then. He regretfully said that it had been a rough time since then, but my family has always been there for me. That gave me a hope within to see them again. I wasn't able to stand up, as my legs had gone numb, but with all efforts I walked up to the mirror. I was the same, I didn't change at all. My family were informed and all came up, my beautiful sisters grew old, my stunning brother seemed like my dad and my beautiful wife wept seeing me. But I couldn't see my parents. I asked them, but to my misfortune I never had a chance to see them again.
Me coming back to consciousness was celebrated, but the joy of celebration grew more as I stepped out of the hospital.
It was a wonderful locality but I never felt the same. The first thing that I saw, was large compounded wall surrounding the area. I was excited what was at other side of the wall, but it was too huge to look over or through it.
Days passed and I was getting desperate to look at the other side. I asked all, but no one said a word.
Then a day came, when we had to go to the next sector and the only way was to fly past in an aircraft. 
The aircraft was the most remarkable thing designed in history. It was the one flying on electric arc reactor energy. As before my long sleep, i had been working on it. It was a remarkable class of engineering. As we took off, the wall was coming closer and with every inch the excitement growing. 
But what I saw, just left me in shock. The cities destroyed, habitats destroyed, sea and oceans contaminated. It was a dead barren land. 
"How did it happen?", was the first question raised. Then the answer came in.
There had been a war, that destroyed all. Countries were seeking power and control, People getting selfish to grow richer, We fighting with the nature, to get our desires done and things that we knew that would destroy everything then. We knew what would have come, but our greed didn't let us see the right. 

Readers, we just have one world to stay. Let us protect it. Let all the envy and disparity be thrown away. Let us join, let us join our hands to go for one world. As when we join, then we grow.

Hope you all like it. Please keep sharing till it goes viral.

Thank You

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