Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Day I Get Power

It would be remarkable day, when I wake up from my bed and I having what no one has in the world. I would be able to do everything above my capabilities. I would be able to think faster, run faster, see farthest and be more superhuman. 
The day would seem to start normal, but would end extra-ordinary or hope would never end at all. I would get the things done for everyone. I would help people with all I would have. The day would never go normal for me, as it would be every ones life within. 
The time would run slow, as I would be the one it would be chasing. As the call would be heard, there would be never that i wouldn't be there because there wouldn't be a reason to say no.
with the fastest mind running around. I would think and learn faster because what I read and learn would  be the one people would seek for.
The day would say "Hi", as I would be the one helping it to go. I would see no one die poor or unnatural, but die happily with the happy world. The day they see was supposed to be, was never would be the same.
The responsibility would be higher as they say, 

"With great powers, comes greater responsibility".

People would be dependent for my support, my help and I would care for them, as God has given me the power, to take the responsibility for him to keep them happy.
There would be a rainbow in the life, as they were the one who deserved it and thus I would serve for it.

Hope you all liked my first story. i would request you to share it to the maximum....

Thank you

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