Tuesday, 27 October 2015


What is happening to the world?
People and children are burnt alive for being someone they have been classified as, stripping a person as he wanted to help someone in grief from other religion, biasing on the basis of color, bombing countries and killing innocent civilian just for a long old grudge and many more that are just off notice. But why????
Doesn't a person have a right to choose a belief that keeps him upheld that guides him through the difficulty and gives a ray of hope at the end of worst day. We all are different, thus why classify us on the basis of color, gender, nationality, etc. It wasn't ours or theirs choice to be what we are. 
We are made different because nature knows our need to our position. A white person can sustain better if he is in north or during cold, a dark person lives well off in the difficult parts of the world where heat is intense and others to there needs.
We all have one thing common in us that is never going to change that is we are humans. We all are same. We always will be the same as no one would be able to change our key; i.e,  nor religion, nor color and nor gender. We have the right to be equal to each other. Its our right to help each. 
Why? Just for small communal groups , we change our identity. We always will be unified as one, let us be anywhere in the world. The point is just unavoidable, like a death for a person.

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